About the Author

Retired as a Maintenance Supervisor after some long but rewarding years.

Now I am enjoying my retirement doing what I always wanted to do, but could not find the time while working long hours.

Writing Paranormal, Supernatural, Science Fiction & Science Fantasy Novels.


Favorite Action & Adventure Books:
*Doc Savage Series By Kenneth Robeson
*Mack Bolan Series By Don Pendleton

Favorite Action Science Fiction Books:
*Dumerest Of Terra Series By E.C. Tubb
*Stellar Rangers & Stellar Rangers Lone Star By Steve Perry
*The Reckoning (1994), Leviathan (1995), Cain (1997), Hunter (1999) By James Byron Huggins
*Amazonia, Ice Hunt, Excavation & Subterranean By James Rollins

Favorite Supernatural-Paranormal Books:
*The Dresden Files Series By Jim Butcher
*Garrett P.I.Series By Glen Cook
*Alex Verus Series By Benedict Jacka
*Evil Dark, Hard Spell & Known Devil By Justin Gustainis
*Hellgate Series (Exodus, Goetia & Covenent) By Mel Odoms

Favorite Swords & Sorcery Books:
*The Black Company Series By Glen Cook
*Hawk & Fisher Series By Simon R. Green

Favorite DC Comics Superhereo Movies:
*All The DC Movies As The List Is Long (And Getting Longer)

Favorite Marvel Comics Superhereo Movies:
*All The Marvel Movies As The List Is Long (And Getting Longer)

Favorite SciFi Fantasy & Sci-Fi Paranormal Movies:
*All Sci-Fi & Sci-Fantasy Movies As The List Is Long (And Getting Longer)

Favorite TV Shows:
*All Sci-Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Paranormal-Supernatural TV Shows As The List Is Long (And Getting Longer)

***All book reviews are greatly appreciated. Thanks and good reading.

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