Hello Everyone. Holidays Are Over. Back to writing my book.

Here is an edited excerpt to tease your imagination:

One second the space in front of me was vacant, the next second there she stood, in all her splendor. She was dressed like a human in a stunning business suit and her hair was pulled up so she looked like a female business executive, but there the resemblance ended. The suit tried to hide her spectacular figure but failed miserably. One look at her face and you knew she was not human. Describing her beauty was beyond my ability but imagine a female so beautiful, that to just look at her hurt you physically with a need to have her that could never be realized. Her complexion was her signature silver glow. Her hair is like fine strands of silver silk that just drove one mad with the desire to run their fingers through it. Her eyes were like two silver orbs that sucked your will out of you and made you want to be her slave. It was all I could do to not embarass myself in front of her with my need.
“My beloved” she said as she got up close to me and her scent although slight almost brought me to my knees with desire. She knew such a move would immobilze me as my desire for her would prevent me from moving away from her.
“Have you found a lead yet as to your assignment”
“The book? No I haven’t. Not yet”
Find this book and do so quickly. If you come across any of the dark wizards during your search, or any humans that get in your way, you are to kill them immediately.
Her last statement throw me. She had just ordered the deaths of humans, which is expressly forbidden for any of us to do.
“You know it is forbidden for me to kill a human”
“Not any more. Your status here on earth has been elevated. You now have authority to kill any human you feel needs it”
I was stunned and pissed. Really pissed. This new directive give me total autonomy in my actions. It also means once I kill a human I could never return home.
“You know the severe implications of this directive and how it will hinder me. Why would you do this to me?”
“You are mine beloved. Your heart, your soul, your mind. She then moved up close to me and her skin started to glow. She was casting her influence over me and dammit, it was working as usual. My arousal for her skyrocketed and I wanted to take her, right here, right now, but I couldn’t move. She had locked me in place and was reminding me of her power over me and it was hurting. Mentally and physically. She was almost nose to nose with me and I could smell her scent, feel the heat from her body. I could feel her need also and all of this was driving me crazy as I couldn’t move. Then all of a sudden she stepped back and released me and I fell to one knee drained by her attack, and make no mistake about it. That was an attack, plain and simple. One geared to show me who was boss. Who was in command. The strain of her sexual attraction and her denying me had mentally and physically hurt me, as she had wanted it to do.
“You will always be mine beloved. Remember that. Now find me that book!” and then she was gone.
Her attack and humiliation left me drained and it took me a few minutes to compose myself, but my anger at my weakness for her was blazing inside me. I would find this damn book and afterwards I would have to try and find a way to get from under her control. The one thing I had learned here on earth living among humans was that nothing was impossible.

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