The Author

I have been reading every type of book from adventure, detective & crime, fantasy, paranormal, supernatural and science fiction since I was eleven years old. That’s when I discovered my first set of books in the Doc Savage series. Since then I have been hooked on books, continuing to read, never losing my zeal for books. Then I started writing my own novels, some I finished, some I didn’t but the bug got stronger and stronger. Yet the needs of life took over in living, college, working and raising a family and my writing had to moved to another dimension, never dimming, just in suspended animation.

Now I have retired as a Maintenance Supervisor after some long but rewarding years and have released my imagination from it’s long deep sleep. Now I am enjoying my retirement doing what I’ve always wanted to do, but could not find the time while working long hours. Writing fantasy, paranormal science fiction and supernatural fantasy novels. 

Since the list of books I have read over the years list in the hundreds, I am listing a few of my favorites:

Favorite Action & Adventure Books:
*Doc Savage Series By Kenneth Robeson
*Mack Bolan Series By Don Pendleton

Favorite Action Science Fiction Books:
*Dumerest Of Terra Series By E.C. Tubb
*Stellar Rangers & Stellar Rangers Lone Star By Steve Perry
*The Reckoning, Leviathan, Cain, Hunter By James Byron Huggins
*Amazonia, Ice Hunt, Excavation & Subterranean By James Rollins

Favorite Supernatural-Paranormal Books:
*The Dresden Files Series By Jim Butcher
*Garrett P.I.Series By Glen Cook
*Alex Verus Series By Benedict Jacka
*Evil Dark, Hard Spell & Known Devil By Justin Gustainis
*Hellgate Series (Exodus, Goetia & Covenent) By Mel Odoms

Favorite Swords & Sorcery Books:
*The Black Company Series By Glen Cook
*Hawk & Fisher Series By Simon R. Green

Favorite DC Comics Superhereo Movies:
*All The DC Movies As The List Is Long (And Getting Longer)

Favorite Marvel Comics Superhereo Movies:
*All The Marvel Movies As The List Is Long (And Getting Longer)

Favorite SciFi Fantasy & Sci-Fi Paranormal Movies:
*All Sci-Fi & Sci-Fantasy Movies As The List Is Long (And Getting Longer)

Favorite TV Shows:
*All Sci-Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Paranormal-Supernatural TV Shows As The List Is Long (And Getting Longer)

***All book reviews are greatly appreciated. Thanks and good reading.