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Hope to make time to see these movies this year.  (01/30/18)

01/19/2018: Den Of Theives
01/26/2018: The Maze Runner, Death Cure
02/16/2018: The Black Panther
02/23/2018: Pacific Rim, Uprising
03/30/2018: Ready Player One
04/13/2018: ***Untitled Monster Movie
04/20/2018: Rampage
05/15/2018: The Avengers, Infinity War
05/25/2018: Star Wars, Hans Solo
06/22/2018: Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom
07/06/2018: Antman & The Wasp
07/27/2018: Mission Impossible 6, Fallout
08/03/2018: The Predator
08/10/2018: The Equalizer 2
10/05/2018: Venom
12/21/2018: Aquaman


Dammit to get my imagination under control, I had to appease it by releasing some of it’s work from my new book we are working on. (01/24/18)


I let my imagination loose while writing my book and the damn thing took me here.

Now I am fighting to lock the damn thing back up.



Hello Everyone. Wow it has been some time since I last posted. I got involved with working on another project, which combined with writing my fourth book and everyday life, well things just got busy. In fact I have been so busy I haven’t been to a movie in months. For those of you who know me, you know that is extrememly unusual, as I try to see a scifi, action or adventure movie every couple of weeks if possible. Anyway my fourth book of “The Manhunter Chronicles” is almost finished. The problem is coming up with an appropiate title. That is still a project at work. Stay tuned for further updates. Here is a little excerpt to juice your imagination:

As her beam hit each beast they violently exploded from the beam’s intensity. Within seconds she had taken out almost half of the creatures. Stallings and I killed the ones charging up the small staircase at us, with our shredders literally vaporizing the beasts as our pellets hit them. Then I heard Stallings yell as one of the creatures had leaped up from the work floor and managed to grab and scramble onto the landing. Moving over quickly he kicked the beast in the face flipping it over, rolling it backwards into the wall where he shot it smearing it against the wall. Out of the corner of my eye I saw another creature that had managed to get on the landing charging Sessa who didn’t see it coming. Knowing she couldn’t turn in time to defend herself, I threw my shredder at the beast smacking it in the head causing it to stumble. As it regained it’s footing I was already charging it after drawing my knife, moving fast. I slammed into the beast with such force I drove it and me through the guard rail as it shattered and we both went tumbling to the work floor eight feet below.



My plan was to take a month or more off before starting my next

novel, but I am encountering some stiff opposition from my imagination.

It wants me to set it free.


Oh what the hell…



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“Tarkaitus Dark, Banished Angel”

is now published on

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I am one chapter away from finishing my third book, which I can now tell everyone is called

“Tarkaitus Dark, Banished Angel”

Following is the book synopsis:


Tarkaitus is a former Cadre Commander of The Battle Born. The elite fierce warrior angels of Heaven. During a battle to stop an invasion by an alien force of another world Tarkaitus, disobeying their Second Born Archangel Commander Elizel, led a select few of the Battle Born and attacked the enemy’s central command destroying them.

This lead to a victory over the enemy by the Host of Heaven. Their attack had saved the lives of thousands of angels and gave Heaven a victory. The First Born Archangels however could not allow Tarkaitus insubordination to go unpunished. For his actions he was banished to earth to continue his fight against evil, only this time on the earthly plain, not the celestrial one.

A few years later Tarkaitus has adapted well to life on earth. He is approached by the First Born Archangel Uriel, the eldest sister of the First Born Archangels, Mistress Commander of The Battle Born, and the fiercest warrior in Heaven. She also happened to be Tarkaitus one time lover. She commands him to find a book called The Quacatum, a book of ultimate evil written by an alien sorcerer thousands of years ago whom the The Archangels had killed in battle.

A group of evil sorcerers are also looking for this book as the book contains the power to bring it’s evil creator, their master back to life. A sorcerer so powerful that if brought back to life on earth will be more dangerous than Lucifer himself. Stopping him could destroy the earth. Failure to find the book was not an option.



I’ve been working hard these past few weeks writing my novel. Had some musical inspiration to help me along….




She was silent for a few minutes as she thought over what I had said. What she didn’t know is that I am not very fluent in expressing Heaven’s views or hopes for humanity. I am a warrior and had spent most of my life battling demons and other horrors in other worlds, not engaging in the thoughts and conversations surrounding Heaven’s hope for mankind’s development. Yet I hope I had gotten the major points across to her. We drove in silence for awhile. Then I noticed Cassidy slowly turning towards me as she shifted her body somewhat. Glancing sideways at her I could see the glint in her eyes. Unexpectedly she then reached over and placed her right hand gently on my right thigh and slowly started moving it upwards. Her action startled me and I glanced in her direction.

“Cassidy, what are you doing?”

“Since my actions and choices are my own, I am letting you know big guy that I go both ways”

“Cassidy stop”

“Why? she said as her hand stopped moving but stayed in place. “I saw how you looked at me back at my place when I was naked. You wanted me”

“Cassidy you are a child and have a lot of growing up to do. What you are trying to do now is definitely not good”

“A child? I… Am… Not… A… Child! I am twenty six years old and and trust me all woman”

The look on my face must have shown skepticism because she removed her hand from my thigh, thankfully, took out her datacomm and a few seconds later flashed her officially issued ID in my face so that I could see it.


“You still look like you are sixteen”

“That is a by product of my geneology. We don’t live as long as the Void Sorcerers but we do live longer than other humans. As a result we look younger longer. So stop being so age critical”

“Okay I get it but I still think you look too young for me”

“Is that so? Well how old are you?” she said as she placed her hand back on my thigh and started moving it up again”

Reaching down I grabbed her wrist and moved her hand off my thigh.

“Cassidy I am six hundred and ninety two years old”

I almost laughed at the look on her face.

“Oh” she said as she turned back facing forward.



Here is an edited excerpt to tease your imagination:

One second the space in front of me was vacant, the next second there she stood, in all her splendor. She was dressed like a human in a stunning business suit and her hair was pulled up so she looked like a female business executive, but there the resemblance ended. The suit tried to hide her spectacular figure but failed miserably. One look at her face and you knew she was not human. Describing her beauty was beyond my ability but imagine a female so beautiful, that to just look at her hurt you physically with a need to have her that could never be realized. Her complexion was her signature silver glow. Her hair is like fine strands of silver silk that just drove one mad with the desire to run their fingers through it. Her eyes were like two silver orbs that sucked your will out of you and made you want to be her slave. It was all I could do to not embarrass myself in front of her with my need.

“My beloved” she said as she got up close to me and her scent although slight almost brought me to my knees with desire. She knew such a move would immobilize me as my desire for her would prevent me from moving away from her.

“Have you found a lead yet as to your assignment”

“The book? No I haven’t. Not yet”

Find this book and do so quickly. If you come across any of the dark wizards during your search, or any humans that get in your way, you are to kill them immediately.
Her last statement throw me. She had just ordered the deaths of humans, which is expressly forbidden for any of us to do.
“You know it is forbidden for me to kill a human”

“Not any more. Your status here on earth has been elevated. You now have authority to kill any human you feel needs it”
I was stunned and pissed. Really pissed. This new directive give me total autonomy in my actions. It also means once I kill a human I could never return home.
“You know the severe implications of this directive and how it will hinder me. Why would you do this to me?”

“You are mine beloved. Your heart, your soul, your mind. She then moved up close to me and her skin started to glow. She was casting her influence over me and dammit, it was working as usual. My arousal for her skyrocketed and I wanted to take her, right here, right now, but I couldn’t move. She had locked me in place and was reminding me of her power over me and it was hurting. Mentally and physically. She was almost nose to nose with me and I could smell her scent, feel the heat from her body. I could feel her need also and all of this was driving me crazy as I couldn’t move. Then all of a sudden she stepped back and released me and I fell to one knee drained by her attack, and make no mistake about it. That was an attack, plain and simple. One geared to show me who was boss. Who was in command. The strain of her sexual attraction and her denying me had mentally and physically hurt me, as she had wanted it to do.
“You will always be mine beloved. Remember that. Now find me that book!” and then she was gone.

Her attack and humiliation left me drained and it took me a few minutes to compose myself, but my anger at my weakness for her was blazing inside me. I would find this damn book and afterwards I would have to try and find a way to get from under her control. The one thing I had learned here on earth living among humans was that nothing was impossible.



The beast landed with a dull thud, shuddered and then died. I lay there for a few seconds looking at it and then rose up to check on the humans. As I turned towards them, the taller woman brought up a large handgun and shot at me three times. I tried to shift to avoid the bullets, but her surprise move caught me unawares. The three rounds hit me hard in the right shoulder instead of my chest, knocking me backwards and as I fell down to the ground, my gun again went flying off.
“Dammit, that woman intentionally shot me” I thought as I froze in place and saw the woman had the handgun pointed at me, while the man had what looked like a strange shotgun pointed at my head. The smaller woman had the same combat stance but this time her hands were pointed towards me. My shoulder was throbbing in pain from the impact of those slugs.
“I wouldn’t make any sudden moves if I was you” stated the woman with the handgun.
I didn’t. I froze in place and looked at all three of them as I waited for the pain in my shoulder to subside.
Satisfied I wasn’t going to move foolishly, the woman asked,
“Now what are you?”
Still heeding her advice and making no sudden moves I replied,
“Normally when a beautiful woman shoots me, it is usually for something I did or didn’t do. Since I don’t remember ever making love to you, and I would remember if I had, I can’t imagine why you would shot me”
“You want her to shot you again wiseass?” said the man
“No I don’t. Yet I can’t help but think that maybe she shot me because I haven’t made love to her yet”
“Shoot him again” said the man


EXCERPT FROM “MANHUNTER REVELATIONS” Book #1 Of The Manhunter Chronicles (11/23/2016)


“I noticed when I arrived that with the exception of you and your Ladies, everyone else here appears to be human in nature and appearance. I was told by Sessa that she and her people of which I assume the other Ladies I met and you are a part of, are not human. Do you mind explaining what she meant”

There was a slight hesitation on her part before she answered my question. It wasn’t much, barely noticeable, but I caught it, which means she may be hiding her true reason for being here or some other secret relating to the claim of them not being human. I was about to ask for her answer, but stopped because something had caught my attention. It wasn’t something I heard or saw, but more something I perceived or felt. Turning around in the chair I stared at the back wall about sixty or so feet behind me. I could feel Serona gaze on me and her unspoken question as to what I was staring at. Before she could ask me what was wrong I sprung up from the armchair, fully facing the far back wall. I could feel Serona now standing up behind me and now also looking to the back wall wondering what it was I was seeing that she was not. It was at that point that a large section of the back wall bugled inward and then exploded inward with debris showering all over the kitchen. What came through the opening was something truly out of a very bad nightmare. It was about eight feet or more tall, and massive, fully five feet wide at the shoulders. It stood on two legs, had two arms, but there the similarity to a man ceased. Its skin was a dark gray to a sickly green tone, but looked rough and pebbled. It’s arms and legs was thick and massively muscled. It was covered with an assortment of rags and branches in some semblance of clothing, which was sorely lacking as its male member was clearly visible. Its penis was hanging loosely between its legs and was at least twenty inches or so long and at least six inches thick. My first thought was that this creature couldn’t exist, and my second thought was here was the rapist and killer. After fully forcing it’s way into the house it turned his head in our direction and we got a good look at the horror before us.


EXCERPT FROM “MANHUNTER REALIZATIONS” Book #2 Of The Manhunter Chronicles (11/23/2016)


Yolanda and Yessal were in combat full blast. They were trading martial arts blows with precision and looked evenly matched. Yessal was a Sakquain warrior and as such was much stronger than a human male not to mention a human female, and had been raised for combat. She was also taller and thirty to forty pounds heavier. None of that seem to make a difference to Yolanda who was holding her own against Yessal. It soon became clear that although Yessal was stronger, Yolanda was definitely faster. Spotting an opening Yolanda moved in and landed four rapid devastating blows to Yessal’s torso, another to her chin and then two more to her abdomen that bent her over and backed her up. Moving in to press her attack, Yessal while still bent over, leaped forward, caught hold of Yolanda’s arms and swung her over a dozen feet into the side of the BCC like a rag doll. Although stunned from slamming into the wall Yolanda bounced back up and charged Yessal. Moving quickly, Yessal stepped over to a nearby metal table and displaying her strength kicked the table directly at Yolanda. Yolanda didn’t change direction, but went into a roll right under the flying table catching a leg partially on a shoulder.

“Stallings we need to stop this now. Grab Yessal and I will get Yolanda”

“Let me get Yolanda”

“No. If this fight is over you, she might not understand your motives. She knows me. Now stop Yessal” We both then charged towards the ladies as we were still sixty yards away from the fight.

Bouncing back to her feet, Yolanda hadn’t loss momentum and came at Yessal who braced herself to met her. About eight feet away Yolanda leaped into the air delivering a two foot drop kick to Yessal’s face splashing blood from her nose. Yessal went flying backwards landing on her back. Yolanda also landed on her back and both women bounced up ready to re-engage. Yessal came to her feet screaming like a maniac with her hair starting to move on it’s own. Her right started to glow. Yolanda seeing that swiftly drew her gun and both women were posed to kill each other.





I am still writing my newest novel which is about forty percent finished. I ocassionally keep hitting a wall because my imagination in anger for me keeping it locked up for so many years, rebels against me and refuse to let me access it’s creativity. When that happens I have to appease it with assorted epic music soundtracks, such as the ones below. I will continue to keep my readers updated on the book’s progress.





The books that really got me going on writing my own is the excellent Urban Fantasy series “The Dresden Files” by author Jim Butcher

These books overwhelmed me with their rich content of drama, suspense, and supernatural action. There are now 15 novels to the series. Book #16 “Peace Talks” is presently being written by Jim Butcher. Cannot wait!

#1 Storm Front, #2 Fool Moon, #3 Grave Peril

01-storm-front          02-fool-moon          03-grave-peril





The following books captured my interest at a young teenager. There are over 181 novels in the series written over many decades. I will only list the first three:

Doc Savage Series: #1 The Man Of Bronze, #2 The Thousand headed Man, #3 Meteor Menace

The story lines of these books take place back in the 1930’s-1940’s but were and still are excellent books for their time.

01-man-of-bronze          02-the-thousand-headed-man          03-meteor-menace



WORKING ON A NEW BOOK, Not A Part Of The Manhunter Chronicles (10/09/2016)


Working on a new novel and the storyline is going strong at 40,000+ words. The “speculative” title for the new book is

“Tarkaitus”  (Book One Of “The Banished Angel Chronicles”)

This title has not been finalized yet. Updates to follow.




Hello Family & Friends:


I have finally finished “Manhunter Realizations”, the second exciting adventurous novel in “The Manhunter Chronicles” series. There are new friends, new villains, new monsters and new revelations. Read this next chapter in the life of Conrad Hutchins, bounty hunter extraordinaire, as he fights to stop the monsters he now knows really exist, from destroying mankind. Conrad however, does not know that the worst of the monsters have decided it wants his head and is now hunting him. His new love life by the way is continuing, but he has absolutely no idea where it is heading. Oh for the good old days of just plain bounty hunting.





My thanks to all visitors to the site. Check out book #1, “Manhunter Revelations” of The Manhunter Chronicles Series. If you like sci-fi excitement, romance, and horror you will not be disappointed. Book #2 “Manhunter Realizations” will be released in the next few weeks. Book #3 is already in the drafting stage.

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