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New Years Day, Saturday 01/01/2022


Christmas Day, Saturday 12/25/2021

Monday, 12/13/2021
The sparks of thoughts that blossom in the mind.
Shining windows into creativity…
Or the damning paths to destruction.
You choose.
H.F. Daniels
April 18th, 2021
Family & Friends,
Matters For Thoughts,
There have been over 147 mass shooting in this country this year with 45 this past month alone.
World crisis all over the world are escalating to the point of out of control.
This much evil and mayhem has got to be telling us something.
The question is what?
Here are some matters for thoughts.
Are we being TESTED?
Are we being JUDGED?
Remember, God last destroyed the world because of the level of evil wickedness and mayhem mankind
had reached. Can we truly say that “Mankind” with the state of the world today has not reached that level
of wicked mayhem again? Is the end coming? I pray every night that is not the case.
– OR –
Is Mankind on a trend to end itself?
Will Mankind bring about our own apocalypse?
The level of these mass shootings, discrimination and other levels of atrocities of which there are many here
in the United States, which by the way is supposed to be the greatest, richest and most free country in
the world leads one to wonder. The bad situations in other world countries, although some not the same
as ours, are just as bad. Again I pray every night Mankind will not destroy itself, for I believe we were
created to achieve a greatness we as a species have not yet imagined.
– AND –
Now the Pentagon has verified that a navy jet gave chase to a real life UFO in 2019. This info was just released
again this week. Is the government preparing us for something? Are aliens really out there? If there are aliens,
will they be GOOD aliens. Lets look back on our world history. When the more advanced civilization met a less advanced civilization, the outcome wasn’t too good for the less advanced. The U.S. vs. the American Indians
here in the U.S., The Spanish against the Aztecs, Hell the European nations from the 1500’s to the mid 1900’s
have conquered almost EVERY other nation in the world at one time or another except for five. FIVE.
So can we trust that any advanced alien civilization we may meet will be more “magnanimous”. I hope so.
I pray that any alien civilization (and I do believe they are out there) is so advanced that they will have
no NEEDS or WANTS to conquer us.
– SO –
If “The Rapture” or some other Divine end to mankind is coming, you have to ask,
Is your soul READY?
If mankind itself will bring about its own doom,
or an alien civilization destroys or enslaves us you have to ask yourself,
Are you ready to SURVIVE?
Only you and GOD know the truth.
Again, Matters For Thoughts.
April 18th, 2021
Okay Family & Friends,
This is day #4 after my 2nd Moderna vaccine shot and I feel fine. Day #2 however is a different story.
I got my 2nd shot on Thursday. Went to bed that night (2am) feeling fine. The wife woke me around
12:30pm for lunch. I felt “wiped out” & “extremely sleepy”. Got up, ate lunch almost going to sleep at
the table. My wife was concerned, but I assured her I was fine. Just felt tired and sleepy. Laid down
on the couch and that was it. Slept until almost 8pm when I was again awoken for dinner. Still felt
“wiped out” but not so sleepy. Ate and watched TV for a couple of hours before again going to sleep.
I was awoken again around 1:30am to go to bed. Slept through the night. Awoke Saturday morning
(Day #3} around 11am and I felt fine. The “wiped out feeling and sleepiness” was gone. I do not know
if these symptoms is an after-effect of the shot, but could fine no other reasons for the “wiped out
& sleepiness” feeling I had for a whole day. There was no sickness, no pain outside of very little
tenderness at the shot site, no bad side effects of any kind outside of the “wipeout feeling & sleepiness”.
Do I still recommend the vaccine: YES
Would I take the vaccine again: YES
April 15th, 2021
Hey Folks,
Just received my 2nd Moderna vaccine shot. Will keep you all informed of any side effects.
March 26th, 2021
Hey Folks,
It has now been 8 days since I received my 1st vaccine shot (Moderna) and I have had
absolutely no ill effects of any kind. I strongly believe everyone who can get the shot, get the shot.
It will save lives.

March 21st, 2021

Day 4 everyone and everything’s good.


March 20th, 2021
Hello Folks,
This is day 3 after my Covid-19 shot and I feel still fine.
I have not experienced any after-effects of any kind. Going strong.
March 19th, 2021
Ok Folks,
This is day 2 after my Covid-19 shot and I feel fine. No after-effects of any kind.
The spot where I got my shot if I rub it, is a little tender, but nothing to worry about.
The tenderness has nothing to do with the vaccine. (A needle was jammed in there
remember, even though I barely felt it) In fact if I don’t rub the spot, the spot feels fine.
I will keep the updates coming.
March 17th, 2021
Ok Family & Friends,
I got my first dose of the Covid-19 (Moderna) vaccine around 3pm. As of now I feel no ill
effects of any kind. I will update how I feel tomorrow. For those of you out there that is
needle sensitive, don’t be. The needle they give you the vaccine with is SO THIN you
practically do not feel it. In fact if I hadn’t been watching the nurse give me the shot
I would have sworn she hadn’t.
Normally I do not get the yearly flu vaccines that come out every year, but this Covid
have killed over half a million people in this country alone, and 2.6 million worldwide.
These vaccines has the potential to save lives.
Visit the COVID-19 Information Center for vaccine resources.
Get Vaccine Info
March 17th, 2021
Hey Family & Friends,
Received my appointment for my Covid-19 shot today, scheduled for tomorrow.
Confirmed the shot I will get (Dose 1) is the Moderna Vaccine.
Once I have received the shot I will update everyone as to the experience
and how I feel during the next 7 days.
Friday, 02/19/2021
Hello Family & Friends,
I was able to pre-register for my Covid-19 vaccine today. Now I have to wait to get an appointment date for the actual shot.
I know a lot of people are skeptical of the vaccine and have decided not to get the shot. It is an understandable decision. On my part however I have done a lot of research into the Covid-19 virus and the vaccine. Due to such I am convinced getting the shot is the best course of action.
Once I have gotten my shot I will inform everyone on which vaccine I received and on any and all side effects I may experience.

November 11th, 2020

Happy Veterans’s Day to those who served. You have our thanks for again, Freedom Isn’t FREE.

U,S. Air Force
U.S. Army
U.S. Navy
U.S. Marines
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. National Guard




October 19th, 2020

Getting the job DONE!




Imagination Unleashed:
“You are the worst husband in the world,” she yelled.
“Me? You are the worst wife. Hell you are like the human version of a black widow spider. Sucking the life out of me.”
“Really? You are going to regret calling me that,” she said as she sprang into the air changing into something terrible before landing on him.
Minutes later she stood up, back in her human form looking down at the remains of her husband before walking away.
“Um, he was tougher than I thought. Too chewy.”


My Imagination Unleashed:
The man had been tracking the creature for four days. He had finally tracked him to this abandoned warehouse. Moving slowly he searched for the creature before suddenly stopping. He felt the creature’s presence behind him. Turning slowly he saw the tall vampire toweriing over him.
“You have been persistant in tracking me. All to end in your doom. That persistance will make your blood sweeter as I drink it” hissed the vampire.
“I don’t think so” said the man as he started shaking as if he were having a seizure.
The smile of hunger slowly left the vampire’s face as he saw the man before him transform into something that terrified him. The vampire managed to take a step back and scream before his head was bitten off.

How True, How True



Food For Thought!

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Movies I Have Seen So Far This Year To Date 

01/19/2018: Den Of Thieves
01/26/2018: The Maze Runner, Death Cure
02/16/2018: The Black Panther
02/23/2018: Pacific Rim, Uprising
03/30/2018: Ready Player One
04/20/2018: Rampage
05/15/2018: The Avengers, Infinity War
06/22/2018: Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom



I got a shock today. I just found out that the Spike TV Series “The Shannara Chronicles” has been cancelled after season 2 last summer by Spike, soon to be the Paramount Network. News is they are trying to sell the series to another network. I hope they do because it is one of the best Swords & Sorcery shows I have seen to date.

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Hey, DC Comics fans. The new Krypton TV series shows great promise. The special premeire of episode one definitely got my attention.

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My Imagination and I started out with a symbiotic relationship which lately has become more parasitic on it’s part to the point I had to threaten it with expulsion. We reached a deal that if I don’t expunge it, and share it’s fav song with my friends, it promises not to take me too far into the Dark. So…


Black Lightning. January 16th, 2018 on The CW


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Badassary in action. The Dark Tower.

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The Dark Tower. Oh Heell Yeeaahh… I cannot wait.

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At long last filming for the new upcoming sci fi TV series on CBS, Star Trek Discovery to start.


Update on the cast of the new upcoming CBS show Star Trek Discovery.


returns for a ten episodes season two run in 2017.
An excellent martial arts TV show. Got high ratings for season one.


The new TV series for 2017. Check out the website:


Oct 2nd At 9pm the new” tv series premieres on HBO. Saw the original movie.

This TV series look to be better. Epic.