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Tuesday, 06/09/2020

“The Anarchy Case”

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Published 02/22/2020

Benjamin Sage is a black private investigator who has established himself in the private investigations community. Hired by a distraught woman to get her out of an abusive relationship, Sage sets out to convince the boyfriend of the errors of his ways. Expecting the boyfriend to be difficult on the matter, Sage and his client found him to be more than just difficult.

They found him to be not quite… human.

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Published 06/11/2019

Ever wish you could leave behind a life that was truly bad, even horrible. Well Nolan Kincaid was able to do just that. Now he owns and run a bar called “Kincaid’s Hangout” located in the upper Greater New York City area and business is good. His greatest pleasure is serving his customers, having karaoke nights and just living a peaceful happy life. Yet sometimes, your past will just not let go.

An evil has arisen in Greater New York on biblical levels and is tearing through the city leaving an unimaginable body count behind. The police finds out that Nolan could possibly be the one person to help them stop this monster. When approached, Nolan through forces beyond his control is again forced back into a life he had hoped to never see again. A life of terrible evil and death. Now the fate of the city hangs on his and the GNYPD’s shoulders as they join forces to try and stop a monster who is proving to be unstoppable. A monster who origins would shock them all if it was known.

Kincaid needs to know why is it here. What does it want. More importantly he needs to know how in hell can he kill it.

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Kinnes Drake was an assassin. One of the CIA’s most prolific hidden assets in their history. The problem was he started to love the killing, so he got out. Years later he has started a new life as a private investigator. Hired by a rich heiress, his assignment was simple. Get evidence that her husband was cheating on her. What he found however flipped his world and that of his client upside down and exposed them to a world of their worse nightmares. Kinnes Drake has swore off ever killing again. Yet his old skills may be the only way he and his client may survive the world of horror they now found themselves trapped in.


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