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Friday, 02/25/2021
Hey Family & Friends,
Still working on my novel. I estimate I am about halfway through the book. Unfortunately ‘My Imagination’ is relentless, giving me no respite from it’s invasion of my mind. Due to this I have been forced to start another novel which I have written at least six chapters to date. That’s right. My imagination is forcing me to write ‘Two’ novels at the same time. Which one I work on each day is dependent upon what my imagination force on me when I wake up. So as a prelude to which one I worked on today, I give you this excerpt from my novel “Death Created”:

Tuesday, 01/26/2021

Excerpt from my novel, “The Savage Knights”


Excerpt from my book “Damantion’s Retrieval”

December 22nd, 2020


“The Savage Knights” Synopsis

Being written right now.

October 23, 2020

“Death Is Aboard”

(Published and available now at Amazon.com)

An exciting excerpt:

   “Tack, there are at least a dozen more thugs coming towards you from your five o’clock,” Guss said in the bone comm behind my right ear.

   “We got them,” hissed Kass.

    “Quietly,” I said.

She and Casey turned and flowed into the woods, making no sound, disappearing in seconds.

   “Nice shot Guss,” I said. “Thanks.”

   “No problem,” said Guss laughing. “Doc threatened to not include me in his next orgy if I allowed you or the kids to get shot.”

   “Freaks,” I said laughing.

   “Have you seen Doc’s orgies? There are at least three to four women for each of us.”

   “As if you can handle four women.”

   “I am not Doc, but dammit I do give it my best shot.”

Smiling, I stooped low and headed straight for the approaching thugs. They have no idea what’s about to hit them. I had moved in about twenty yards or so when I spotted the approaching thugs. Drawing my axe I waited for Kass and Casey’s signal. The thugs were spread out in a wide line allowing each of them a clear killing field ahead. When Kass and Casey attacked, the thugs just weren’t prepared for them. You see there is a reason I took Kass and Casey with me instead of Guss and Doc. A reason I hadn’t mentioned earlier. Kass and Casey, as well as the whole race of Toloians, are predators, and I mean that in the truest sense of the word. The teeth in their mouth although they look normal, are razor sharp. The black fingernails on their hands are retractable claws. Under combat conditions, their canines elongate about an inch and their claws extend outward also about an inch. When they erupted out of the wood they were nothing but blurs of death. Three of the thugs were down and dead, their throats torn out in just seconds. The remaining thugs tried to concentrate their fire on the siblings, but they were moving too fast. As their attention was on the siblings, I moved in. Two of the thugs must have sensed me as they turned rapidly towards me, bringing their laser rifles to bear but it was too late. They had scant seconds to realize they were dead before my axe took off their heads in one swing. Moving fast to my right I cut off the arm of another thug as he brought his weapon to bear. His arm went to the ground still holding his weapon as he opened his mouth to scream. Kass flashed in, leaped, and momentarily perched on the man’s shoulders. Then she was gone as was his face and most of his throat. Moving fast I attacked two other thugs as I fleetingly saw the faceless man collapse to the ground. As I dispatched the two thugs, I saw Casey swinging his arms in a few brutal swipes at three other thugs. All three stumbled backward, disemboweled as they fell to the ground. Looking around I saw all of the thugs were on the ground dead or dying. The whole fight took just mere minutes. Kass and Casey joined me, the wicked looks of their predator state of mind still present on their faces. I stared at them for a few seconds. Trust me, seeing a man and woman as beautiful as Casey and Kass with inch long canines and claws with a slight yellow luminosity in their eyes is a truly frightening sight to see.



October 22nd, 2020

“The Strange Case Of P.I. Sage” An alarming excerpt:

   “Later that night I awoke to find Kenny standing at the foot of the bed just staring at me and dammit his eyes glowed again for a few seconds. He then turned and left the house again. That morning instead of going to work I packed a few things and went to stay with my cousin across town. The next day is when I took my story to the police. As I was leaving another detective told me to come and see you.”

   “Okay. The bottom line here is that your boyfriend has threatened you and I have seen enough of these situations to know those types of threats simply cannot be dismissed. Did the detective you talked to say they were going to talk to your boyfriend?”

   “Yes, but I could tell they simply didn’t believe me. They are convinced I was on drugs or something that night.”

   “Okay here is what I can do. I will go and talk to your boyfriend to try and work out something peaceful between you two. Do you still want to leave him or do you want a reconciliation?”

   “You did hear me when I said his eyes glowed and his face changed, right?”

   “Okay. I will lay out the facts to him and the possible consequences if he pursues his threat. If he voices his threat against you directly to me, I can take that to the police. They will have no choice then but to investigate.”

   “Do you have a gun?”

   “Yes, I do. Why?”

   “There was something else when Kenny’s face changed.”

   “Go on.”

   “For that brief time when his face changed…”

Here she paused again. The look on her face said she wasn’t quite sure how to say the rest of her statement. I waited patiently again for her to get her thoughts together.

   “When his face changed that strange smell of his got stronger and a wave of terror overtook me. I felt as if I was being hunted by some terrible animal. The feeling left me as soon as his face went back normal, but I can still remember how much terror I felt at that moment. That’s why I asked if you have a gun. I feel you may need it.”

I just looked at her and there is was. The source of her fear. Whatever happened when her boyfriend threatened her stuck to her like a coat of terror.

Avalable now on Amazon.com in ebook and paperback editions




Excerpt from “The Anarchy Case”  Tuesday 09/05/20

I cautiously stood up as thoughts flooded through my mind. The beast before me is Crutus Nok. A magically enhanced human. His family line had been tampered with by a mad sorcerer over a century ago before The Society caught up to the sorcerer and killed him. I called him Crusty because…well basically it pissed him off.
Crusty interrupted my thoughts as he said,
“Bishop you are aware that one of my family’s most cherished beliefs is that anyone who has done us harm and gets away, will one day again cross our path allowing proper retribution. Guess what day this is for you.”
“Harm? Have I done you some harm Crusty? Refresh my memory on that. Was it when I stopped you from stealing millions of credits from the residents of Mecanville or was it when I dropped that building on your ugly ass?”



Monday, 09/07/20

Hello Family & Friends,

Just want to announce that my 3 single novels,

“She Is Among Us”
“The Strange Case Of P.I. Sage”
“The Anarchy Case”

has now been published as paperback books in addition to the ebook format. All are available on Amazon.com.



August 12th, 2020

Stocked up on supplies to feed my annoying imagination. Time to get back to writing.




Tuesday, 07/07/20

Hey folks,

Tried to take a month or so off and rest, but my damn imagination is screaming at me like a madman.

So…to keep from killing my imagination I gave in and have started writing my next novel.

I will kee…

(“What? Don’t you mind what I say to my people. Now shut the hell up.”)

Sorry about that folks. As I was saying I will keep you all informed of my progress. Stay safe.




Tuesday, 06/09/2020

“The Anarchy Case”

Available now on





Friday, 05/22/2020

Hello Friends & Family,

All work on my latest novel, “The Anarchy Case” was finally finished a few days ago.

It will be published and available on Amazon by next week. I want to

thank all of you for your patience and support writing this novel.