Writing Updates:


Excerpt from “The Anarchy Case”  Tuesday 09/05/20

I cautiously stood up as thoughts flooded through my mind. The beast before me is Crutus Nok. A magically enhanced human. His family line had been tampered with by a mad sorcerer over a century ago before The Society caught up to the sorcerer and killed him. I called him Crusty because…well basically it pissed him off.
Crusty interrupted my thoughts as he said,
“Bishop you are aware that one of my family’s most cherished beliefs is that anyone who has done us harm and gets away, will one day again cross our path allowing proper retribution. Guess what day this is for you.”
“Harm? Have I done you some harm Crusty? Refresh my memory on that. Was it when I stopped you from stealing millions of credits from the residents of Mecanville or was it when I dropped that building on your ugly ass?”



Monday, 09/07/20

Hello Family & Friends,

Just want to announce that my 3 single novels,

“She Is Among Us”
“The Strange Case Of P.I. Sage”
“The Anarchy Case”

has now been published as paperback books in addition to the ebook format. All are available on Amazon.com.



Tuesday, 07/07/20

Hey folks,

Tried to take a month or so off and rest, but my damn imagination is screaming at me like a madman.

So…to keep from killing my imagination I gave in and have started writing my next novel.

I will kee…

(“What? Don’t you mind what I say to my people. Now shut the hell up.”)

Sorry about that folks. As I was saying I will keep you all informed of my progress. Stay safe.




Tuesday, 06/09/2020

“The Anarchy Case”

Available now on





Friday, 05/22/2020

Hello Friends & Family,

All work on my latest novel, “The Anarchy Case” was finally finished a few days ago.

It will be published and available on Amazon by next week. I want to

thank all of you for your patience and support writing this novel.