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Sunday, July 26th, 2022
Finished my last novel “The Others”. Trying to take a break but my #%&@ imagination will not let me.

June 14th, 2022

My novel “The Others” writing update


April 11th, 2022

An excerpt from my now finished book “The Others”


April 9th, 2022

Another excerpt from my book “Jacked Into Horrors”


January 12th, 2022

Excerpt from a book I am presently writing tentatively called,

“Discovery Of The Touched”


January 1st, 2022

Speculative story idea.

December 28th, 2022
Writing a couple of books at this time. Here is an excerpt from one of the book,
“The Others”

Sunday, 12/12/21

Imagination Unleashed Tidbit

(Not associated with any novel I am writing)


I was moving down the deserted streets heading towards my destination, a worn out warehouse about a quarter mile away. This isn’t an area of the city anyone should be traveling through at night. Composed of old barely standing warehouses where businesses on their last legs were trying to hold on. Yet my task required I meet my contact at the warehouse in the dead of night in this decrepit area. I had passed a somewhat less worn down area a dozen blocks back where there were a few scattered people moving along on their own personal business. It was during that time I spotted a swiftly moving shadow that ducked into the darkness surrounding the buildings. After awhile I knew I was being followed. Not a good sign. It appears someone has made me a target for robbery or worse. Dammit I don’t need this headache. Not now. I was now a few blocks away from my destination. I couldn’t reach the warehouse with this criminal on my trail. Rounding a corner I ducked behind a large debris pile waiting for my guest. Then a strange feeling overcame me as I spun around quickly. There standing less than a dozen feet from me was a man. Dressed all in black there was something strange about him. How strange I soon found out as he moved a few feet closer into the meager light from the moon.

“Human you spotted me awhile back. You should have sought refuge in the church you passed. There you would have been safe from me.”

“Human?” I thought.

“I would have hunted my dinner elsewhere, but that is no longer an option. Unfortunately for you.”

“What?” I asked.

In response to my question I saw the man’s face change. It got larger, transforming into something hideous. Something with almost two inch long fangs in its mouth. As he stepped closer I saw his eyes start to glow and his hands had long claws on them. Startled I looked back at the man’s face as he hunched his shoulder and rushed me moving fast. Then he stopped suddenly as if he had hit a brick wall. Confusion and then alarm crossed its hideous face as he realized I had his throat in my left hand and had lifted him off the ground.

“Beast you choose the wrong person for a meal. I agree if I was just human I would be dinner for you tonight. Unfortunately for you I am not just human. I am something…more.”

The beast confusion turned to fear as it clawed at my hands struggling to get free. Then its fear turned to panic and I watched the light go out in its eyes as I crushed the throat partially decapitating its head. Dropping the body I looked at my watch.

“Still time to make the meeting,” I thought as I resumed walking.


Tuesday, 12/07/2021

Hey Folks,
Another exciting tidbit from my novel “The Others”
The traffic on Flatbush avenue had slammed to a halt as people ran out off the zoo into traffic trying to get away from the creature. Grabbing Moe I ran out in front of a stopped black SUV where the driver was cussing the stream of people. Pointing my gun at him I rushed his door. The man’s eyes got big as I pointed my gun at his face through the door glass. Getting my point the man opened his door and I grabbed him, pulling him out.
“Yo man what the fuc…?”
He stopped talking as I pointed my gun back at him.
“I am sorry, but this is an emergency on a level you cannot imagine. I will try not to damage your car but call the police and report it stolen.”
The man started to say something but then his eyes got big again, this time with unadulterated fear. He took two steps back, turned and ran away as I turned around yelling at Moe,
“Get in the car.”
The creature was rushing towards us, busting through the iron fence as it left the zoo. Getting in the car I saw Moe was already seated looking back at the charging creature. I threw the SUV into gear, stomping on the gas as I threw the wheel to the left, tires screaming their protest as we pulled away, scraping the car next to us. I could hear people screaming as I glanced to my right and was surprised to see the creature was almost upon us. I looked back forward as I fought to straighten out the SUV as we slammed against another stopped car bouncing off pulling away.
“Look out,” yelled Moe as something hit the back of the SUV hard.
The back of the SUV fishtailed to the left slamming up against another car. I caught a quick glimpse of the creature crashing into another car, knocking it over crushing two people in the process. Attached to it’s claw was the bumper from the SUV. As we pulled away I heard a loud scraping sound behind the SUV.
“I’m sure you didn’t intend to damage the vehicle,” said Moe in a subdued voice as I quickly glanced at him and then into the rear view mirror as we sped away.
Saturday, 12/04/2021
My novel “The Others” is coming along nicely. Meanwhile here is a tidbit to whet your appetite:
“Who the hell are you? What do you want?” asked Dunmar.
“You. Now shut up. If you speak again without me asking you a question it will get more painful for you.”
“Come on. Name you…”
Dunmar yelled out as I slammed my gun up side his head again.
I then moved Dunmar back behind the couch, kicked the back of his leg driving him to his knees. I stooped down behind him, keeping my gun jammed against the back of his head as I pulled out my phone. I held it out in front of Dunmar and snapped his photo. I then brought up the messaging app with the short message I had typed out earlier while in the storage room. I attached the photo, tapped the screen sending out my message.
“You in the room. Who are you?” someone in the hallway called out.
Dunmar half turned his head in an attempt to look at me. As he did I shook my head. He turned his head back forward.
“Hey. Tell me how much you want to release my guest.”
I still didn’t answer as I hurriedly reloaded.
“Dunmar. Are you alright?”
I tapped the barrel against the back of his head. He got the message and remained quiet.
Friday, 12/03/2021
Imagination Unleashed Tidbit
(Not associated with any novel I am writing)
With a mouth full of half-inch sharp teeth and clawed hands extended the creature charged Vanessa. Stepping in quickly Vanessa ducked the claws as she delivered two powerful blows to the creature’s chest driving it back. She then snapped kicked it in the head knocking it against the wall as she heard a loud crash behind her. Then Vanessa felt the claws coming around her neck from the back. Her reaction was almost instantaneous. Falling to the right, she dropped her body into a roll coming to her feet as she swiftly drew her sword, bringing it up and around in a powerful swing that cut both creatures nearly in half. As they fell she heard another crashing noise behind her. Spinning around to confront the danger behind her, she froze as she saw what had made the crashing sound. There on the floor was another of the creatures, it’s head crushed to a pulp as a man stood over it, his right foot resting in the mess that used to be the creature’s head. Easily two meters tall, a tight athletic build with a rugged handsomeness stood a man who was supposed to be dead. A man she had once loved. A man she had betrayed to save the life of a little girl. A man she thought she had killed.
“Hello, Nessa. Miss me?”
Vanessa was struck speechless as she stared at her former lover. The man looked down at the dead creature at his feet before looking back at her. Smiling he said,
“Nothing gets to kill you but me.”
Wednesday, 12/01/2021
Imagination Unleashed Tidbit
(Not associated with any novel I am writing)
“You are the worst husband in the world,” she yelled.
“Me? You are the worst wife. Hell you are like the human version of a black widow spider. Sucking the life out of me.”
“Really? You are going to regret calling me that,” she said as she sprang into the air changing into something terrible before landing on her husband.
Minutes later she stood up, back in her human form looking down at the remains of her husband before walking away.
“Um, he was tougher than I thought. Too chewy.”


Monday, 11/29/2021

Hello Family & Friends,
I have selected the following tentative title, “The Others” for my latest novel that I am presently writing.
Following is the synopsis for this book of which my last few excerpts posts are a part of.
An island lost throughout the ages that appears and disappears in the South Pacific.
An expedition team sent to the island that returns with an artifact they should have left behind.
Now the whole world is in danger of death and destruction if the artifact is not returned.
A simple matter, right? Just return the artifact.
Not so simple when a few major world governments and some very powerful corporations covert a strange new power source on the island. A power source of unimaginable potential. A power source they intend to acquire. At any costs.
Now I, who was a part of the team that brought that damn artifact into our world, is tasked with returning it.
All the while as I am being chased by monsters and human hit squads.
Sunday, 11/28/2021
Excerpt from my ongoing novel “The Others.”
Keeping the tension going.
Snapping out of my dire memories my feet hit the floor as I stood up.
“What are you doing here Dent”?
“Looking for you obviously.”
“No what?”
“No to whatever the hell you are here for.”
“You don’t even know why I’m here.”
“I don’t care. The answer is still no.”
“This is important Rigor.”
“Then my answer is hell no.”
“Dammit Rigor, at least hear me out.”
“The last time we listened to you we lost a lot of good soldiers for some damn package, so again, NO!” I said as I headed to the door.


Sunday, 11/28/2021

Imagination Unleashed Tidbit
(Not associated with any novel I am writing)
“You are the worst husband in the world,” she yelled.
“Me? You are the worst wife. Hell you are like the human version of a black widow spider. Sucking the life out of me.”
“Really? You are going to regret calling me that,” she said as she sprang into the air changing into something terrible before landing on him.
Minutes later she stood up, back in her human form looking down at the remains of her husband before walking away.
“Um, he was tougher than I thought. Too chewy.”


Thursday, 10/21/2021

To My Family & Friends,

My thanks to all my family and friends for their inspiring comments. Every single one of them are precious and fuels my imagination to keep imagining, to keep writing a story which captures your imagination. To bring all of you along on the wild ride that my imagination takes me on. To visit the wild and crazy worlds it creates. Again my thanks to you all.



Wednesday, 10/13/2021
Hey Family & friends,
Its been awhile. Forced into working on 3 book ideas by my relentless, unforgiving, pain in the ass imagination, things got complicated. Had to back away for awhile and regroup. Now with my mind somewhat at peace I have set aside all but one book which I am now excitedly writing. Below is an excerpt from the book.
We reached the edge of the town without incident and was on our way to the extraction site a quarter mile away when Point Two said,
“Contact, thirty yards, ten o’clock.”
The whole team stopped and crouched down scanning our perimeter.
“Our six is clear Lt.”
“Point One?”
“All clear.”
“No further movement Lt but there is something out there.”
“Advance,” Lt said as he signaled for us to advance.
We had advanced about two hundred yards when all of a sudden Point Two screamed,
Looking in his direction we saw something strange. A low fog had descended on the area so visibility was limited. This is what made what we thought we saw unclear. Point Two was moving to our right fast and started shooting, at what we could not see. However it looked as if he was shooting upside down with his body too high up in the air. There was a darkness around him that seemed to move with him. Lt signaled quickly and Gunny with the four team members of Squad One split off moving quickly toward two’s rapidly shifting position. Then Two disappeared from our sight.
 Saturday, 08/14/2021
A “Future” work in the planning stage:
I burst out of the bushes worried, but there she stood, next to her car unhurt. I scanned the area around her as I approached. I could see she was livid with anger. I would be too if my new and expensive car had been wrecked. She watched me, pissed as I reached her.
“Are you satisfied?” she asked.
“I said are you satisfied?”
“About what?”
“My car dammit!” she said pointing to the crushed in rear panel.
Something had hit her car in the back, crushing it in, snapping off the right-rear tire which was off to the side of the road some feet away.
“What happened, and dammit Becky, what are you doing out here?”
“As I was driving something hit me in the back, knocking me around where I landed into this damn ditch.”
Then she stepped up in front of me getting in my face.
“As to why I am out here, I was following you, liar.”
Okay this conversation had suddenly taken a tangent I thought as I again scanned the area around us.
“Did you hear me?” she hissed. Literally.
“Yes I did, but we can’t stay here. Come on, my van is just around the bend.” I said taking her arm and heading down the road.
“Why are we going this way. Why don’t we go the way you came from, like that house over there,” she said snatching her arm from my grip as she pointed to the farmhouse off to our right.
Still scanning the area I again caught her arm guiding her towards my vehicle. Snatching her arm away from me again she jumps in front of me stopping me.
“You must think I am some stupid headed woman you can fool and mess with but you are wrong mister. I trusted you, but the trust is over.”
Stunned somewhat I looked at her.
“This is the fourth dinner date you broke with me and I told you how important it was for me. We were having dinner with a new client to close an important ad campaign. You made me look like a fool when you didn’t show up. I swore after you broke our last date that if you did it again, I was going to find out why. So I hired an investigator and had him bug your van. That’s why I’m here. I want to meet the hussy you are cheating on me with.”
Still stunned I stared at her, then my gaze snapped off behind her.
“Got nothing to say? I don’t know why I put up with your crap for so long. My friends all think I am a fool and they are right. I don’t need this mess in my life. I am a successful woman. I make way more money than you do, judging by the wreck you drive. I admit the mystery of not knowing what you do for a living was hot and exciting, but cheating on me. You messed up big time mister. You were lucky to have me. Now where is she? I want to meet her. Now.”
I looked back at her as I drew out my gun pointing it at the ground. It is a big gun. A specially built parkerized eight round .44 magnum.
Becky’s eyes got big, but not with fright. In anger she shouted,
“A gun? You have a damn gun? Are you threatening me? You motherfu…” she raged as she stepped closer to me but I cut her off.
“Becky, please get behind me.”
“What? Hell no. I don’t walk behind any man, especially not you. So if you think your gun is goin…”
Again I cut her off.
“Becky I need you out of the way so I can shoot the thing that’s creeping up behind you.”
“Shoot what comin…” she said as she looked behind her.
Her reflexes are fast but noisy. She let loose an ear piercing scream as she bolted behind me.
“Thanks,” I said as I raised my gun and opened fire on the monstrosity that now charged at us.
May 1st, 2021
“After The Merge” excerpt,

(***Now published on Amazon.com)

As I approached the two down Crested, I saw the damage the explosion had done to both of them. The one on the right had a huge jagged sheet of metal in its chest, out its back, almost cutting it in half. As I slowly came around the Crested on my left I saw its severed head a few feet away. I was stunned to see the head was still alive as its eyes tracked me as I approached. Seeing its skull was cracked open exposing its brain I raised my carbine and put four .30-30 rounds through the crack in its head finally seeing the light in its eyes go out. Then I heard the noise behind me. Turning quickly I became stunned and terrified as I saw the Crested with the jagged metal sticking out of its chest rising up from the ground to its nine foot height. Its eyes as they fell on me are terrible to behold.


April 18th, 2021

Still working on my two books, however the other day a new book outline popped up in my head. (Damn imagination of mine out of control again). I will be developing it after I finish my present books. In the meantime here is an excerpt on what may be happening in this new book, which I will tentatively call “The Job”


“Our assignment is to travel to a small town on the western edge of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. There we will retrieve a package and deliver it to a destination that will be given to us once we have the package.”

“Hostiles?” asked the LT.

“None that we know of.”

“Any Chinese troops in the area?” asked another team member.

“None that we know of.”

“Any Mongolian troops?”

“None that we know of.”

“Is the Mongolian government aware of our incursion?”


“What is the threat we may encounter? I asked.

“None that we know of.”

By this time all of us were staring at Smith as if he had lost his mind.

“What intelligence do you have on the area and what is it we are going to retrieve?” growled the Gunny.

“As for the package I don’t know what it is, only where I can find it. As to the area I can tell you this. The town we are going to doesn’t exist.”

“Excuse me?” said the Gunny.

“The town doesn’t exist. It has no name. It is not on any maps anywhere and as far as the intelligence I did get, it shouldn’t be there.”

“That makes no sense” said a sergeant called Coda. “If it’s there, someone built it.”

Smith had a look on his face that said he knew something else. Something bad.

“Spill it Smith. What the hell is going on here?” growled the LT as he stared hard at Smith.

“Due to the area’s proximity to China and Russia, satellite surveys are constantly being taken of the area. As of three weeks ago, there was nothing there. No structures, no roads, no construction equipment, no town. Nothing.”

“Then who knows about this town. Who issued the order to go there and get this mystery package. In fact how do whoever issued the damn order knows there is a package there at all?” I asked.

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know much of anything do you Smith?” said the LT giving Smith a deadly look.



February 25th, 2021

Still working on my novel. I estimate I am about halfway through the book. Unfortunately ‘My Imagination’ is relentless, giving me no respite from it’s invasion of my mind. Due to this I have been forced to start another novel which I have written at least six chapters to date. That’s right. My imagination is forcing me to write ‘Two’ novels at the same time. Which one I work on each day is dependent upon what my imagination force on me when I wake up. So as a prelude to which one I worked on today, I give you this excerpt from my novel “Death Created”:


Looking over I saw what Benny was looking at. Over behind a large work bench there was a massive hole in the floor. From the busted sides of the hole it looked as if something big had tore up through the floor. As I realized this my blood ran cold. I looked back over at the lab door. There was a lot of furniture and cabinets strewn about near the door. Then I looked at the blood spread all over the walls and floor of the room. Looking back at Benny I said,

“Whoever was in here had barricaded themselves in this lab to protect

themselves but that wasn’t enough. Something big tore up through the

floor. It then proceeded to kill everyone in this lab.”

“Boss, what can tear up through a steel floor,” asked Benny as he

examined the hole in the floor.

“I don’t know.”



January 26st, /2021

Excerpt from my novel, “The Savage Knights”


“The Director said to tell you this is a national security matter of the highest order. He specifically said to tell you he will not tolerate any of your bullshit insolence in this matter. We are to ensure that you leave the building to follow your orders.”

“I am not going anywhere until I at least talk to my team leader. Give me a minute to call him,” I said as I reached for my cell.

I froze as all four agents drew their guns and trained them on me. The other people in the lobby all stopped and looked at us as the security personnel started to converge on us. They were stopped as the agent in front of me signaled them not to converge. Slowly I moved my arms away from my body, hands fully opened.

“You guys want to tell me why you have drawn down on me.”

“Technically you are not an FBI agent. Our orders are clear. If you refuse to leave the building and follow your orders you will be classified as an enemy agent and shot right here, right now.”



December 22nd, 2020

Excerpt from my book “Damantion’s Retrieval”


“Serema you always were a pain in the ass.”

“Yes I am, now come on.”

All three of us ran out of the Control Room, down the hallway to the Well. We could see the staff rushing inside. Sergeant Mullins was waving us to hurry. Halfway to The Well we all felt the change. It was a physical blow. Almost as if reality itself had changed. Then we heard Sergeant Mullins calling Alan’s name.

“Dr. Matthews, come on. We must get inside.”

Stopping we looked back and saw Alan had stopped and was looking back at the Control Room. Then the change hit us. All of us were lifted off the floor in slow motion as if gravity itself had been negated. A few seconds later we all were slammed down to the floor. Getting up we heard Alan scream,

“Too late, it’s too late. Get inside, get inside.”

Then the walls and doors of the Control Room simply vanished as a wave of what looked like a flaming blue cloud rushed out engulfing everything in it’s path. It was coming so fast we knew we wouldn’t make it to The Well. Theo turned me to him, hugged me close as he said,

“I love you wife.”

“I love y…” was all I got to say, before the world went white.


October 23rd, 2020

Hello Family & Friends.

Last night while I was asleep, I let my guard down and my treacherous imagination took over. Now it will not let my mind rest unless I write this next novel it conceived. So with that being said here is the proposed synopsis for my newest upcoming novel tentatively titled

“The Savage Knights”


A century ago the demons in Hell found a way to escape Hell and commenced a terror laden rampage on the earth. A group of people with special powers unknown to humanity rose up and fought the demons with a savagery to match their own, driving the demons back to Hell. These people called themselves,

The Savage Knights

Over the intervening years, the demons have made sporadic attacks against humanity, being stopped and driven back to Hell each time. It became clear to humanity that the demons attacks will never stop. So humanity was faced with only one option.

The Savage Knights has to take the fight to Hell.




“Death Is Aboard”

(Published and available now at Amazon.com)

An exciting excerpt:

   “Tack, there are at least a dozen more thugs coming towards you from your five o’clock,” Guss said in the bone comm behind my right ear.

   “We got them,” hissed Kass.

    “Quietly,” I said.

She and Casey turned and flowed into the woods, making no sound, disappearing in seconds.

   “Nice shot Guss,” I said. “Thanks.”

   “No problem,” said Guss laughing. “Doc threatened to not include me in his next orgy if I allowed you or the kids to get shot.”

   “Freaks,” I said laughing.

   “Have you seen Doc’s orgies? There are at least three to four women for each of us.”

   “As if you can handle four women.”

   “I am not Doc, but dammit I do give it my best shot.”

Smiling, I stooped low and headed straight for the approaching thugs. They have no idea what’s about to hit them. I had moved in about twenty yards or so when I spotted the approaching thugs. Drawing my axe I waited for Kass and Casey’s signal. The thugs were spread out in a wide line allowing each of them a clear killing field ahead. When Kass and Casey attacked, the thugs just weren’t prepared for them. You see there is a reason I took Kass and Casey with me instead of Guss and Doc. A reason I hadn’t mentioned earlier. Kass and Casey, as well as the whole race of Toloians, are predators, and I mean that in the truest sense of the word. The teeth in their mouth although they look normal, are razor sharp. The black fingernails on their hands are retractable claws. Under combat conditions, their canines elongate about an inch and their claws extend outward also about an inch. When they erupted out of the wood they were nothing but blurs of death. Three of the thugs were down and dead, their throats torn out in just seconds. The remaining thugs tried to concentrate their fire on the siblings, but they were moving too fast. As their attention was on the siblings, I moved in. Two of the thugs must have sensed me as they turned rapidly towards me, bringing their laser rifles to bear but it was too late. They had scant seconds to realize they were dead before my axe took off their heads in one swing. Moving fast to my right I cut off the arm of another thug as he brought his weapon to bear. His arm went to the ground still holding his weapon as he opened his mouth to scream. Kass flashed in, leaped, and momentarily perched on the man’s shoulders. Then she was gone as was his face and most of his throat. Moving fast I attacked two other thugs as I fleetingly saw the faceless man collapse to the ground. As I dispatched the two thugs, I saw Casey swinging his arms in a few brutal swipes at three other thugs. All three stumbled backward, disemboweled as they fell to the ground. Looking around I saw all of the thugs were on the ground dead or dying. The whole fight took just mere minutes. Kass and Casey joined me, the wicked looks of their predator state of mind still present on their faces. I stared at them for a few seconds. Trust me, seeing a man and woman as beautiful as Casey and Kass with inch long canines and claws with a slight yellow luminosity in their eyes is a truly frightening sight to see.


October 22nd, 2020

“The Strange Case Of P.I. Sage” An alarming excerpt:

   “Later that night I awoke to find Kenny standing at the foot of the bed just staring at me and dammit his eyes glowed again for a few seconds. He then turned and left the house again. That morning instead of going to work I packed a few things and went to stay with my cousin across town. The next day is when I took my story to the police. As I was leaving another detective told me to come and see you.”

   “Okay. The bottom line here is that your boyfriend has threatened you and I have seen enough of these situations to know those types of threats simply cannot be dismissed. Did the detective you talked to say they were going to talk to your boyfriend?”

   “Yes, but I could tell they simply didn’t believe me. They are convinced I was on drugs or something that night.”

   “Okay here is what I can do. I will go and talk to your boyfriend to try and work out something peaceful between you two. Do you still want to leave him or do you want a reconciliation?”

   “You did hear me when I said his eyes glowed and his face changed, right?”

   “Okay. I will lay out the facts to him and the possible consequences if he pursues his threat. If he voices his threat against you directly to me, I can take that to the police. They will have no choice then but to investigate.”

   “Do you have a gun?”

   “Yes, I do. Why?”

   “There was something else when Kenny’s face changed.”

   “Go on.”

   “For that brief time when his face changed…”

Here she paused again. The look on her face said she wasn’t quite sure how to say the rest of her statement. I waited patiently again for her to get her thoughts together.

   “When his face changed that strange smell of his got stronger and a wave of terror overtook me. I felt as if I was being hunted by some terrible animal. The feeling left me as soon as his face went back normal, but I can still remember how much terror I felt at that moment. That’s why I asked if you have a gun. I feel you may need it.”

I just looked at her and there is was. The source of her fear. Whatever happened when her boyfriend threatened her stuck to her like a coat of terror.

Avalable now on Amazon.com in ebook and paperback editions


Excerpt from “The Anarchy Case”  Tuesday 09/05/20

I cautiously stood up as thoughts flooded through my mind. The beast before me is Crutus Nok. A magically enhanced human. His family line had been tampered with by a mad sorcerer over a century ago before The Society caught up to the sorcerer and killed him. I called him Crusty because…well basically it pissed him off.
Crusty interrupted my thoughts as he said,
“Bishop you are aware that one of my family’s most cherished beliefs is that anyone who has done us harm and gets away, will one day again cross our path allowing proper retribution. Guess what day this is for you.”
“Harm? Have I done you some harm Crusty? Refresh my memory on that. Was it when I stopped you from stealing millions of credits from the residents of Mecanville or was it when I dropped that building on your ugly ass?”



Monday, 09/07/20

Hello Family & Friends,

Just want to announce that my 3 single novels,

“She Is Among Us”
“The Strange Case Of P.I. Sage”
“The Anarchy Case”

has now been published as paperback books in addition to the ebook format. All are available on Amazon.com.



August 12th, 2020

Stocked up on supplies to feed my annoying imagination. Time to get back to writing.




Tuesday, 07/07/20

Hey folks,

Tried to take a month or so off and rest, but my damn imagination is screaming at me like a madman.

So…to keep from killing my imagination I gave in and have started writing my next novel.

I will kee…

(“What? Don’t you mind what I say to my people. Now shut the hell up.”)

Sorry about that folks. As I was saying I will keep you all informed of my progress. Stay safe.



Tuesday, 06/09/2020

“The Anarchy Case”

Available now on



Friday, 05/22/2020

Hello Friends & Family,

All work on my latest novel, “The Anarchy Case” was finally finished a few days ago.

It will be published and available on Amazon by next week. I want to

thank all of you for your patience and support writing this novel.